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Eigertour 2023


Experience the competition in real time with Zenit Live Tracking! Our easy-to-use service allows you to follow your favorite athletes and teams live, thanks to GPS tracking, real-time tables, interactive maps, and detailed analytics. Whether you’re a sports fan, an event organizer, or a competitor yourself, Zenit offers you a comprehensive solution to get the most out of your tracking experience. With our innovative technology and team of experts, you’ll always be up close and personal with the action. Experience the world of sports like never before – try Zenit Live Tracking today!

Tracking device

In addition to the APP, the user can also assign FLARM, FANET, InReach and SPOT to his profile. Thus, up to five positioning services can be used to determine the current position.


Use the energy-saving Zenit APP for competitions with many participants and in easy terrain.


Use FANET or FLARM devices for paragliding and Hike&Fly competitions.


Use inreach or SPOT Tracker for worldwide coverage without dead spots.

Make your Event visible