For background on how these settings could relate to the performance of the Zenit app, Battery Optimization

Nokia has its own unique take on Android power-saving features that among many things, attempts at optimizing battery life at the cost of performance, so there may be some settings you can adjust to ensure Zenit isn’t affected by aggressive optimization. 

Nokia has created devices that approximately every 20 minutes if the screen is off, kills background services, including alarm clocks and possibly Zenit!

Based on our research, this aggressive optimization seems to be a problem on Nokia devices on Android version 8.0 and up.

Here are Nokia’s solutions:

  • Go to Phone settings > Apps > See all apps.
  • Tap on the right top corner menu > Show system.
  • Find Power saver or Battery Protection app in the list, select it and Force close.
  • From now on, background apps should work normally and use the standard Android battery optimizations.