Zenit App How-to

Are You and your Smartphone ready for the race?

Make sure you follow the instructions below so that you will be able to benefit from the live tracking/scoring in the best possible way.

Latest App Version

Please check that you have the latest version installed on your smartphone. You can do so by going to the App Store (Play Store on Android) and verifying pending updates for the Zenit app. If so, please update to the latest version.

Battery Optimization and Apps

In addition to the Android Battery Optimization mechanism, some Phone manufacturers have added additional measures to save energy. You must remove the Zenit app from the control of these manufacturer-specific apps to avoid tracking outages. See Battery Optimization for more details.

Start your Race with a 100% charge on your phone. Make sure you do not waste energy by having unnecessary Apps running during the race and keep the Zenit app running at all times.

GPS/Activity Settings and Flight-mode

For the App to function properly you must grant all necessary permissions:

  1. Location Services (GPS)
  2. Activity Tracking (In-flight detection)

Do NOT enable flight mode or disable location service while the Zenit app is in use. This will lead to missing tracking data.

Enable Tracking

On race day, make sure you enable the App’s tracking mode 10 to 15 minutes before the start to give the GPS receiver a chance to find a location fix. You will only participate if you push the button twice and all symbols, including the button, are green.

Periodic checks to see if the Zenit App is a-ok is advisable.

Latest App VersionWith this checklist you are well prepared for the competition.

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