Make your event visible for all.


Our live tracking provides an extremely fast position detection and visualization on the live tracking map. This increases the tactical component of live tracking for athletes and makes the competition more interesting for spectators.


The smartphone is the most used navigation device. That’s why we used this for our system. Less devices, less weight and highest availability are a clear advantages.
In addition, organizers do not have to provide additional hardware.


In the backoffice competitions can be created and analyzed. The organizer retains full control over the competition all the times.



Zenit, only the best for your event.


Our system supports organizers in the definition of competition tasks.

Live Tracking

Make your Event visible. Visualize the challenge, know where the athletes are at all times and have spectators take parte in the excitement.

Live Scoring

Know who is in the lead at all times. We score the most popular race types online,


Create a final ranking as PDF to be available for your price ceremony and to distribute on your events web-site.



A suitable offer for every competition.
Event fee

CHF 250.00

Per competition

fixed fee required to register the event in the zenit system.

Zenit Live

CHF 10.50

Per athlet and day

Amount per athlete and betting map day for live tracking without additional scoring module.

Zenit Live + Score

CHF 14.50

Per athlet and day

From registration to final ranking, the whole competition can be managed in Zenit. Simple, reliable and efficient.


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